Money Transfer


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Money Transfer

Looking for a fast way to send money overseas?

Forget standing in line to send or receive money from friends and family, CompareGuru removes long in-store lines and brings money transfer companies right to your fingertips.

Through our network of trusted partners, we make fast money transfers a reality. Helping you send cash to a loved one in Port Harcourt from Lagos, Kano to Abuja or from Enugu to the United Kingdom.

Wherever you may be, CompareGuru brings you the best money transfer services directly to your mobile phone.

The same goes for those living and working outside of Nigeria, we direct you to an affordable money remittance service tailored to your budget.

Our partners aim to bring secure mobile wallets to all Nigerians, eliminating the need to go out and withdraw cash.  If you are looking for a secure, cost-effective online cash transfer service and mobile wallet let us bridge the gap and get you in touch with one of Nigeria leading money transfer companies.



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