Fire Insurance


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Fire Insurance

People hardly realize the importance of fire insurance until their house is literally up in flames. If your house burned down, what would you do?  Where would you go?

From cooking to dinner to switching on the lights (subject to electricity), the average Nigerian partakes in activities everyday leaving them exposed to the possibility of a fire.

It’s best to remember that accidents – especially those caused by fire – happen anytime and anywhere.

Your home is probably your most valuable asset.  So if your property is not suitably insured, you could face significant financial losses.  Your possessions could be gone in a few minutes. Your family could be homeless in less than a day. Fire insurance provides compensation against the destructive effects of fire, lighting or explosion.

Fire insurance can assure you and your family that you will never face financial devastation if you lose your home and the valuable assets in it.  Fire insurance coverage will help your family recover better in times of unexpected devastation.



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