Current Account


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Current Account

When you have a current account, you can rest assured that your money is safe, accounted for and easily accessible. From this account you can make payments via cheque, debit order or debit card.

Similar to a credit card, debit cards allow you to pay for products and services in cashless transactions in Nigeria and abroad. The main difference is that while credit cards allow for you to pay with borrowed money that must be repaid, debit cards are linked directly to your current account, allowing you to pay directly from your bank in a highly secure way. Features include PIN protection and also other enhancements for online purchases such as text message confirmations and supplementary one-time PINs.

In 2012, The Central Bank of Nigeria introduced phase one of its “Cashless Policy”, a set of reforms intended to further facilitate the move towards non-cash payments. As per the program’s recommendations, debit card usage linked to current accounts has increased exponentially in the country – which is now seen as a best practice for retail banking in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Do yourself a favor and bank in a most secure and convenient manner – you can learn more about Nigeria’s top debit cards and see for yourself!



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